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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

[UPDATE]Download AMD Catalyst 11.3 Graphics Driver

AMD releases new Catalyst driver
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It looks like the time has come for Advanced Micro Devices to offer its newest update for its large collection of graphics adapters, and the newly released software suite goes by the name of Catalyst 11.3 graphics driver.For those that do not remember, NVIDIA unleashed its most recent solution about a week ago, although all the version did was add support for the dual-GPU GeForce GTX 590 board.

Now, AMD has updated its driver database with its own, newest graphics card software, the AMD Catalyst 11.3 release.

It includes several things, such as the Southbridge/IXP Driver, actual display driver (version 8.831), HydraVision (for Windows XP, Vista and 7) and, of course, the updated AMD Catalyst Control Center (also version 8.831).

According to the release notes, several issues are fixed while just one real new feature is added, namely AMD Accelerated Parallel Processing (APP) OpenCL runtime, which boosts performance of OpenCl applications.

One might notice that the company makes a point of urging its customers to install both components, even though the display driver and control center can be downloaded independently.

Also, one should make sure to have the Microsoft .NET Framework SP1 installed on their machines on Windows XP and Vista, otherwise the program will not launch, giving an error message instead.

All in all, the software suite should provide better reliability, performance and levels of power for any system equipped with one of the cards listed on this page.

One need only visit the official website to download the new release, or simply click on one of the appropriate links below.

AMD Catalyst Display Driver Suite 11.3 for XP

AMD Catalyst Display Driver Suite 11.3 for XP64

AMD Catalyst Display Driver Suite 11.3 for Vista, Win7

ATI Catalyst Application Profiles 11.2 CAP4

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