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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Download PGI Visual Fortran 2010 v11.5 Free Crack


  • Fortran syntax coloring
  • Fortran intrinsics tips
  • Keyword completion
  • Fortran debug engine
  • Automatic dependency analysis
  • Interoperable with Microsoft Visual C++
  • Sample projects
  • Bundled Visual Studio 2010 IDE
  • Bundled ACML high-performance math library
  • Supports multi-threaded execution with Intel MKL 10.1 and later
  • Optional IMSL Fortran numerical library available
  • Build, launch and debug Microsoft MPI (MSMPI) applications

PGI Visual Fortran 2010 v11.5
Guys from Lz0 released a whole bunch of different version of PGI Fortran today and this one is probably suited for most of you. PGI Visual Fortran is very popular application for all software developers.PGI Visual Fortran® (PVF®) brings the PGI suite of high-performance 64-bit and 32-bit parallel Fortran compilers to Microsoft Windows developers using Microsoft Visual Studio. PVF features the latest version of PGI’s native OpenMP and auto-parallel Fortran compilers. PGI compilers are supported on, and can generate fully optimized code for, a broad range of popular high-performance computing platforms including 64-bit x64 multi-core processor-based systems as well as 32-bit x86 systems.


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