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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Download Ahead Nero v10.6.x All Programs LightPatch v1.3 Free

Ahead Nero v10.6.x All Programs LightPatch v1.3-SHELOMOTUVI

* Nero Patent activation & 'Non Licensed Use'  patch
* NA Update & online update service removed.
* Added Valid serials.
* Activate Plugins.
* Works on both  x86/x64 os.
* Added nerorun checks,  wow6432 checks, admin checks, NAchecks, delete files on exit check, process & service check.
* Remove demo & blacklisted serials.
* Works on all nero programs:  Nero Multimedia Suite 10 Platinum HD /  Nero Multimedia Suite 10  / Nero BurningROM 10 / Nero 10 Micro/Lite by mara  / Nero MKN builds (vision/recode etc...)
* Fix for 'modified nero verison' error message.
* Patched banned keys check.
* Nero calling home block.
 (+thanks to Kindly, he deserve the credits for the pa libary)
If you still prefer Nero as you burning solution (or multimedia/video encoding) then this patcher is right for you! What this patcher does – it activates any Nero 10.6.x version and its all components and plugins. Read more below for complete features. Make sure to read NFO for “how-to”.

1) Install nero using the demo serial or use the following genuine serial: 9X13-0183-H4K2-CEE3-0UK4-UEXE-C100-00W0
2) Run exe as admin, press any key to apply.
3) Enjoy.

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