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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Android on HP TouchPad Works Like an App

The craziness that is the $99 HP TouchPad has died down and users are wondering whether they could port the tablet with Android. As much as webOS being a critically-acclaimed OS, the fact remains that not a lot can be done there.

There have been several attempts to get Android up and running on the TouchPad, but a recent post in PreCentral (which is dedicated to Palm and webOS devices) shows how to make Android run in the TouchPad like an actual app. Interested TouchPad user can download and install the test IPK file to the tablet, but do not expect it to be flawless as this method is a test for now. You can also check out how it is done in  this YouTube clip.

Several tics are noticeable when switching between homescreens or trying to play back YouTube videos. There are also issues in audio and multi-touch, as well as a power off issue that requires a hard reset.

Source: PreCentral, via Android Central and Engadget

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