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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Facebook Launches iPad App, Finally!

They say the reason why Facebook does not have an app for the iPad because of its disagreements over the former’s integration with Ping, Apple’s music-oriented social network. But it seems that the stalemate is over as the popular social networking site (finally) released an iPad app. The new app now enables iPad users to access their Facebook accounts without having to using a web browser. It functions just like any Facebook app–as it can be used to like, subscribe, post photos, and even play games–but it is optimized for the multitouch capabilities of the tablet. TheFacebook for iPad app is now available for free in the Apple App Store.
Facebook for iPhone users need not feel left out as features from the iPad application have also be integrated into the iPhone app. Facebook also announces that it is extending the Facebook Platform to mobile including the iPad app, iPhone/iPod app, and mobile web site. The FB Platform allows mobile developers to take advantage of social channels for search of discovery of their apps as well as the Facebook Credits payment system.
Source: New York Times, via Engadget

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