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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Ray Solar Powered Charger

While there are now several ways available to charge up those portable devices. But most of them usually require an AC power source to do so. It would certainly be quite convenient to have another alternative such as a charger that gets power straight from the sun. This is what the unique Ray Solar Powered Charger offers.

The Ray Solar Powered Charger is just what its name implies- a charger that converts solar energy into electric power good enough to charge up your portable devices like mobile phones, PMP’s and maybe even tablets.

It comes with its own solar panel and battery as its main power storage facility. The solar panel is also encased in flexible TPE suction cup that can be attached into windshields in order for the panels to get maximum sun exposure. The Ray Solar Powered Charger is currently available for pre-sale at Quirky where it need to first reach a pre-sale threshold before going into production. This convenient solar powered charger goes for around US$40.

Image Source: Quirky

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