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Monday, October 17, 2011

Top 5 Celebrity Look Alike Generator Sites or Software

A lookalike is someone who has similar looks of another person who might even be a celebrity of any sort. They appear on television and make guest appearance in movies too. Technology has developed and expanded like never before and so you can get to see who you resemble with ease. There are many websites on the internet, many of which will get you a celebrity you lookalike using their “Celebrity Look Alike Generator” software, which includes face detection, of course.
All you need to do is just upload a picture of yours to their server. It will analyze your picture and give you the best results even though accuracy depends on the tools used by the lookalike generator website.
Top 5 Celebrity Lookalike Generator Sites or Softwares:

1. Picadilo

This site is considered the best to look for your celeb lookalike. You have to upload a picture of yours on the site. You can submit photos from your computer, from Facebook, or using an image URL or even through webcam capture. Once you are done with the uploading process, the site generates top 10 celebrities whom you resemble the most with the accuracy percentage.
You can try their Facebook application too.

2. Celebrity Match Up

You can use this site to look for your celeb lookalike by selecting your gender and uploading your picture onto their server and you can even have the lookalike picture mailed to your email account by accepting their terms and conditions.
Celebrity Match Up

3. My Heritage

This site allows you to create a morph and a collage. When you create a morph, you get to see one lookalike celeb whereas when you create a collage, you get to see more lookalike celebs. During morphing process, you have to select 4 reference points to get first quality morphed picture. Once you are done, you can preview it and save it to your computer too.
My Heritage

4. Face double

This is an application which you can use to find your lookalike celeb. It is available on Facebook, Hi5, and Myspace platforms. Allow the application to access your profile in the above mentioned sites. Then you can upload a picture or select your profile picture and look for a celeb lookalike.
Face Double

5. Celebrity Twin2Me

This software is for IPhone users. You have to download and install the application from their website. Then choose an image from your IPhone and you can see your celebrity lookalike. You can share the lookalike picture with your facebook and twitter friends too.
Celebrity Twin2Me

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